Sunday, 20 May 2018

The Bearded Lady: description

The Bearded Lady

The scraggly beard ran down her face with the untold story spilling out. Her dark, deep eyes glimmered in the white light showing her sorrowful feelings. The deep creases linking to one another, sprinkled her stressful past all over her face. Her beard grooved down past her chin but still kept neatly cut.

Her silky, obsidian coloured hair undulated in the breeze forming a wave like pattern. She was as rejected as a person running away from a angry mob. She was laughed at, Bullied at, and she was hated so much that even her parents didn’t like her. Sinking into the roots of her her dark burning shame. Sobbing hard she pulled her hair, wishing she wasn’t ever alive. Her embarrassed soul grew more bigger as the days went on.

By Anchal

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