Monday, 30 July 2018

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My First Morning Back At School: Writing

My First Morning Back At School

I was so tired in the morning that I didn’t want to get out of bed. I went to bed early but for some reason I
couldn't sleep until late last night. Suddenly I heard a sound. It was my alarm for the morning. Reaching out
to turn it of I laid back in my bed until my mum woke me up and told me that if I didn’t wake up I would be
late for school. “Do I have to wake up now? I am so tired and if I get out of bed it will be so cold” I moaned
in a very tired voice.
“Yes you do, and if you are cold then come out here to the heat pump, I put it on for because I knew you
would be cold!”. I got out of my bed and yawned as I stood there in my room heading over to the heat
pump. Hopelessly, I walked out of my bed room and sat under the heat pump because it was very warm. As
I started to wear my clothes and then shoes; feeling even more sleepy, my warm body felt as cosy as a
mouse. After a while I started eating my breakfast as quick as I could even though I wasn’t even late for
school. It was probably 8:10 and I was almost ready for school. All I had to do was just brush my teeth and
then got to bed… I...uh… I mean pack my bag. After a while I finished getting ready. ‘Am I already ready
to go to school?’ I thought to myself. I was going to go to my mum to drop me but something was stopping
me… ANISH!! He hadn’t even got out of bed yet. I asked my mum to drop me off otherwise I would be
late, but my mum said she isn’t going to drop us to school twice and going to leave Anish here.
That meant I had to wait for Anish, and there was no way I could reach to school without being late. As my
mum and I cheered him out of of bed, he walked out to the heater were I sat and started to put his clothes on
and then shoes just like me but 70% slower. Anish was getting ready as slow as a turtle. Luckily I wasn’t
late for my first day back at school. Thanks to me at being angry at him.

By Anchal

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

My morning tea 12/06/18

Office Duty Problems

Today at morning tea we got to spend our whole time in the office and yes without our friends, but at least I had Naysha with me. And guess what..? Hey I am asking you a question! *sigh* Well It was my birthday what a great time to spend it! But this is a responsibility we have to take since we are year sixes and I guess it wasn’t that bad. Any way we sat on the chairs and as quietly as we could we ate our morning tea. It was very awkward. Naysha was desperate to show me her morning tea or … I was just curious so she showed me. She had biscuits, apples and a sandwich. Wow! I don’t even know why I wanted to know what she had. As we watched all the teachers walk up to the staff room we sat even more silently and just said ‘good morning!’ or ‘hi!’ to the teachers as they walked by. Suddenly Moon Hee just walked in panting her heart out with her pink cheeks. “Hhh there is hhh no hh duty hhhh teacher for hhh the seniors!”. “Ok calm down! And tell us again” I commanded. “There is no duty teacher for the seniors”. It was time for… Naysha and me! After Moon Hee left the room Naysha and me started fighting over who should go up and tell the teachers about the problem. After about 60 seconds Naysha went up the stairs looking nervous. And yes Naysha went! You can probably guess why I didn’t go and no this is not a question for YOU to answer! OK number one I am a scaredy cat and number two I just didn’t want to and it was my my birthday but still it was no excuse. Ok so! She took like FOREVER! Then right out of nowhere, Naysha popped up and told me what she said to the teachers in the staff room. “Okay that wasn’t so bad Naysha” I said trying to  convince her not to be angry at me for not going.
“Well next time we do office duty together and there is and problem, than you are going to tell the teachers. She grumbled at me as the bell rang. Well that was my morning tea!

By Anchal

Car Crash on Halsey Drive Writing: What Was That?!

What Was That?!
Car crash on Halsey Drive
Moon Hee 

“So Liz, Have you heard of the new trend about wearing taco suits at the supermarket while sipping ginger beer in the soup section?”  She informed her best friend while talking on the phone and putting salsa on her head. Apparently it was good for nourishing her hair roots. Liz rolled her eyes at the other end clearly desperate to talk about something else. Suddenly the sound of a goat screaming alarmed Gina. “What was that?!” she yelled bolting from her seat, sprinting to the nearest window and running outside. Leaving Liz hanging, Gina ran out of the room. ‘Hello? Gina, Gina!!??? Hello?

Lounging on her chair with prickly, hairy legs and gold chain, Barbara, the lazy  good for nothing sloth, was watching Family Feud. “No It’s Miley Cyrus you idiot!’ Barbara screamed as she acousted the television. Barbara sighed, ‘If only Brad was here to complain with me.’  Brad had just recently broke up with her because he felt that ‘it wasn’t working out,’ whatever that meant?? The spoiled brat called her mother to turn the TV off  (Yes, she still lives with her mother even though she is 41). Her mother scurried down stairs in her baby pink bath robe, with her hair in a turban and said, “coming dahhlinggg! “ 

All of a sudden a screech soooo loud engulfed the airwaves. You know that girl in your class that has really long nails? Well imagine her scratching a chalkboard mixed with the sound of Tvisha screaming, well, that was what it sounded like. ‘What was that?!’ Barbara thought to herself. She ran out the door, dragging her lanky body with her.

Gina’s flower patterned skirt brushed along the pavement as she sprinted out the front door and squatted on the pavement to see who was inside the crumpled up vehicles. “OMG!” Gina screamed. Before you could even blink, Gina already grabbed her phone and was taking Instagram photos.

“What in the world is going on here?!” Barbara  exclaimed as she walked out of her house, even though she was the lazy one. “#OMG!  #YOLO! #CAR CRASH! Wait a minute... A car crash!!” Gina looked very confused. “This must of been where the sound of a screaming goat came from.”

Mean while...“ Ooooh, who’s that?” Barbara said as she wiggled her eyebrows and twirled her hair with her fingers. A handsome, masculine figure was lying in the car. “OMG! OMG! OMG! It’s JUSTIN!” Gina Squealed. Even though Justin Bieber was soooo last year, she was falling for him. As Justin laid in the car Gina was snapping pictures of Barbara drooling over him. #Fan girl, #Hottie, #Hurt Justin):!

Anyways… back to the crash. Someone was lying down in the contorted Honda Civic, the front number plate was pressed hard against the car that Justin was in. A white Toyota Ceres. Barbara peeked inside the metallic mess and low and behold...… BRAD!!!!!!! Barbara’s ex boyfriend! The broken glass of Brad’s car was shattered across the pavement and the rear bumper was hanging out the rear windscreen. The car was so crunched and ruined that it looked like it had been thrown off a one hundred story tower. “CALL 111 PEOPLE! Justin Bieber is hurt!”  “Not that I don’t care about Brad” mumbled Barbara. “Do something Gina!!!!”

“ Who me? No, no, no, i’m using my phone to call Liz and report all this juicy gossip. Barbara grabbed the phone off Gina and dialled 111. “ Hello?? Police? Authorities? Ballerina? Ambulance? The Wiggles??? ANYONE????” Barbara panicked. Suddenly the person on the other line picked up… TO BE CONTINUED! ( I don't actually think so but, yeah!)

By: Moon and Anchal
Credits: Anchal, Moon, Mr Tomikino/Charles and Mrs Ritchie/Andrea ☺Also a tiny weenie bit of Zaara and Kiki for supporting us and being great friends!

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