Thursday, 7 June 2018

Treasure: Writing

WALT: use a mnemonic to use language features in writing

The ashy looking piles of scraps and worn out items stacked up as high as the frosty sky. The short lady scavenged through the dump finding useless pieces of junk, she came across something very valuable. “It’s a miracle!” she gasped. “It can’t be”. Right in the middle of the junkyard was a posh car and inside the car was a little antique music box. Joyfully she opened the box wondering if what she thought was inside the box and she was right. Chuckling in the dark she grabbed what looked like a diamond ring! Several seconds later Esther was in her cardboard fort beginning to place her glorious ring. “I wonder if this will look good?” Esther said as she  placed the rotten tin can above her candle. Hanging the ring on the can, Esther sat down in her chair looking at the view. The light that was reflecting from the glistening diamond made her fort look like a 1980’s party with a disco ball.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Playground Safety Poster: Inquiry

By Zaara, Anchal and Yohanna

Sina and the Eel: Video

This is a video of a legend called 'Sina and the Eel'
by Anchal, Fredrick, Siya and Andrew

Camp Highlight: Bodyboarding

Body boarding

Putting on my wet suit was quite tricky. The soggy, flimsy material rubbed against my body as I tugged on it as hard as I could. Eventually I slipped on my wet suit and checked to see if the other girls were ready. It took quite a while to wait for each other because we all struggled. After we helped zip each others wet suits, like a girl gang, we ran outside together and looked at the boys being so impatient with us. We all took a body board and meandered down to the rippling waves.

We came upon a river on the way to the beach. It had gotten bigger and deeper from all the rain we had. Placing one foot in, and then the other, I howled in my mind. The sharp shelly sand scratched my foot in pain. All the others got hurt too but as soon as we got out we were fine.

Once at the right place to go body boarding, everyone hoped in the waves and had fun. For some reason Ayden didn’t want to do it and just watched quietly on the shore. Zaara didn’t want to come in the deep end ( although the deep end was not even deep) because she didn’t want to get too wet but  if she didn’t want to I was okay with that. As the voluminous waves of water were really big it was so fun. The first couple of times I failed a bit though. The water wasn’t that cold which was the best thing; maybe because I was wearing two wet suits?? A couple of times Khushi, Jiya and I caught the biggest waves and zoomed to shore. Splash! It was so much fun as I rode the waves.

Eventually it was time to go back to camp so after everyone caught their last wave we raced back. We tumbled past the river with our sore feet and tried to take our wet suits off. It was stuck on me like super glue and I thought I needed some help but I managed. As all my body heat was taken away from me, I dunked my wet suit in to the bathtub to wash all the sand off and went to put the wet suit back. I ran towards the dorms with my dry shivering body, grabbed my clothes and got changed. Wow! What an exciting day.

BY Anchal


Fight to vote: Reading task

Fight to vote: Compare women of the 1800's to women of today

Women of the 1800’s                                                                       

1. Women in the 1800’s were not aloud to wear or do somethings that men were aloud to do.
So they did not have equal rights.

2. In the 1800’s women could only wear a certain type of clothing but the men didn’t have to.

3. Women were not aloud to vote in the 1800’s.

4. All the children and women had to work like slaves back then.


1. Many women still cook food for their family.

2. Many women were independent and still are.

3. Women nowadays still fight for themselves if something is not fair or they don’t have equal

4. Some women still want to be thin and were tight clothes like in the 1800’s.

women of today


1. Women are aloud to wear anything they want to and their fashion sense is way better.

2. Women are now aloud to vote all thanks to Kate Sheppard.

3. Women are not the only ones that have to cook for their families;  men have to as well.

4. Now there are lots of job opportunities for women and some of them earn way more money
now, even more than some men.

Overall: Overall I think Women from the 1800’s and Women from today had a lot of differences
like how women of today have equal rights and a lot better lifestyle, whereas women from the
1800’s didn’t get to wear the clothes they wanted to or even vote.

Kate Wilson Sheppard

Katherine (Kates long name) was born on the 10th of March 1847 in Liverpool, England then
migrated to New Zealand. Kate is a very important person to everyone in NZ because she fought
for equal rights between Women and Men. If it wasn’t for her then women wouldn't be able to
vote. Kate also played a big part in the WCTU (Woman's Christian Temperance Union).
Because of Kate's accomplishment she replaced the queen on the ten dollar note and now the
queen is on the twenty dollar note. I think Kate is a very brave person because she stood up for
women. Every women in New Zealand should appreciate kate and all her effort.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

The Bearded Lady: description

The Bearded Lady

The scraggly beard ran down her face with the untold story spilling out. Her dark, deep eyes glimmered in the white light showing her sorrowful feelings. The deep creases linking to one another, sprinkled her stressful past all over her face. Her beard grooved down past her chin but still kept neatly cut.

Her silky, obsidian coloured hair undulated in the breeze forming a wave like pattern. She was as rejected as a person running away from a angry mob. She was laughed at, Bullied at, and she was hated so much that even her parents didn’t like her. Sinking into the roots of her her dark burning shame. Sobbing hard she pulled her hair, wishing she wasn’t ever alive. Her embarrassed soul grew more bigger as the days went on.

By Anchal