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Interview for reading: Interviewing Greek God Athena and a Sock aka Sockie


Jessica-Hi i’m Jessica!
Jessie-and i’m Jessie!
Both- and welcome to… Interview factor!
Jessica-Today we have the amazing Greek goddess.. Athena- Goddess of wisdom, crafts and war!
Jessie- we also have… Sockie! Victim of stinky feet!
Jessica-Today, we are going to talk to these…
Jessie-(whispers).. What do we call them?
Sockie to Athena-(whispers) rude...
Jessica-So Sockie… i’ve heard that you are currently in a relationship with Matric Magnet! How is it going?
Sockie- Meh.
Athena- (clapping) Good job!
Jessica- I have also heard that on Latergram, that a lot of fans have been harrassing you and texting you to break up with Matric and going for shoes instead. How does that make you feel?
Sockie- Shoes are dumb.
Jessica- Why do you say that?
Sockie-they think they’re so smart about running and jumping, but the truth is that half the time they are just stepping in a bunch of dog poop.
Jessie- ok.. To Athena, we have heard on Tweeter that you have constantly been posting about how you and Ares have broken up, do you still have any feelings for him?
Athena- Uh yeah, no. I think that I would like to be more like Artemis and not care about men anymore.
Sockie - ughhh...this is so boring … I would rather be on people's feet than be on this show.
Jessie- I want to know how you live your world being a goddess and a sock. We’ll start with Athena.
Athena- Well, I spend most of my time fighting the good fight and wiping the blood off my shoulder. But when I’m not in war I like to spend my time crafting machines and reading a good book.
Jessica- Well Sockie, tell us about you
Sockie-  It’s very interesting being a sock… All day you stay in shoes or get accidently thrown into the underwear drawer. But, if you're lucky, you get a bath in the washing machine, dry out in the racks, and if you’re super lucky, then you won’t get thrown in the underwear section. You can even meet up with your sock friends!
Jessie-very entertaining.. Have you ever wanted to be someone else for a day in your life? If you would, who would it be?
Sockie-well… I would probably be a Greek god, they’re so lucky you see. I wonder how grapes taste like.
Athena-I would want to live a day in life of a mortal, they only live once!
Jessica- So is there any other information about your personal life? Hobbies? Jobs? How you earn your money?
Sockie- Hobbies? Probably lint art, wool weaving and exercising with   my personal trainer Toe. Pinkie supports me at the end of the foot.

You see, when being a sock, the credit mainly goes to your owner. It is so annoying when that happens… why don’t they give credit to us, i mean we’re socks and we do a lot for our owners. WE FIGHT TO THE END!
Athena- I really don’t want you knowing about my personal life, but if you insist… (Sighs) So recently my godfather Zeus, God of the skies got frustrated and I took the blame. Knowing my father I shouldn’t have fought with him but I did and now he is completely ignoring me, which I expected. It’s been weeks and he still isn’t talking to me and he not even going near-
Jessie- Okay, we heard enough now.
Athena- How dare you interrupt a goddess!
Jessica- (cuts in) The time’s up so we thank the audience members again for wasting their time being here and like always come back again for…
Jessica and Jessie- Interview FACTOR!
(Round of applause and woos from audience members)

Athena- I can’t believe I got interviewed with a SOCK! Unbelievable. Me, an immortal goddess interviewed with a sock.
Jessica- Now, now Athena, I know you’re frustrated from your father but you mustn’t take it all out on Sockie
Jessie- Yes, you hurt her feelings
Sockie- (Sniffling)
Athena- Okay, okay, I’m sorry Sockie. I better get back to Olympus before anyone notices I was gone for too long. Bye.
(Everyone says goodbye to her)
Sockie- I need to go back too, since my owner will be throwing stuff all over the place to find me.
Jessie- Bye.

Jessica- I hope you come back to be interviewed, not.

Some Greek Gods: Reading

Things That Were Influenced by The Greeks: Reading

Things That Were Influenced By The Greeks:

The Theater:
The theatre comes from the the Greek word, theatron. Meaning the outdoor seating's for watching plays. The first theatre was made in the Athens, and like many Greek theatres, it is a semi circle cut into the hillside. It can hold up to 10,000 to 20,000 people at once. The normal Greek theatre consists of three parts. The Dancing Floor, dressing room and the scene-building area. The Greeks loved the theatre, creating their own companies to compete with neighbouring towns.

The Library:
The first library in the world was created in Egypt, but at that time, Egypt was ruled by Alexander the Great, also known as the ruler of the Greeks. Alexander the Great ruled a part on Greece called, Macedon. He was born in Pella (a city in Greece), 356 BC. He took over the throne at the age of twenty, his father was Philip 11. After Alexander died, the Kingdom of Egypt came under the rule of Alexander’s general, Ptolemy. Ptolemy ordered that all the 700,000 scrolls of work were to be placed in the library. He also commanded that all ships passing the Alexandrian harbor had to pass any scrolls or works of science and philosophy to the Greeks. It was then copied and placed in the library as well. The original copy would be returned. Because of the accumulation of knowledge that was stored inside the library, many discoveries had been found in there.

The Alphabet:
The Greek alphabet was the first alphabet in the western part on of the world. It was developed after the Dark Ages and consisted of 24 letters from alpha to omega (a way of saying beginning to the end or first to last). Even the word, “alphabet” was formed with the two first letters of the Greek alphabet. Alpha and beta, the lowercase and uppercase letters were created later on.

The Olympics:
If you didn’t know, the olympics were influenced by the Greeks  and was set `in the city Olympia. The people who were in the olympics were the city states of Ancient Greece. The olympics were every four years in the honour of the greek god, Zeus. The rewards for winning were fame and glory. From today we still celebrate the olympics worldwide. Greece also held other games like the Pythian games which was held because of Apollo and there is also the Isthmian games which was held in the honour of Poseidon.

11 Greek Influences and Contributions to Today's Society

Monday, 17 September 2018

How the Ocean came to be

How the Ocean came to be

It all started with just land and no water at all. Every single day people got dehydrated  because they never had any water and kept dying. People were so desperate to have water that they decided to kill Tāwhirimātea’s (māori god of weather) father, Ranginui (The god of the Sky) so that Tāwhirimātea would get sad and angry and then his tears will cause rain. The villages decided that they were going to kill Ranginui and they did. Since Tāwhirimāteas  is always next to his father, he saw everything. He tried to stop the villagers,` but he couldn’t because they were shooting fire arrows at the sky and he had to protect himself. The villagers thought the plan had worked but it instead it backfired. The villagers had hit Tāwhirimātea by mistake and that made the god angry. He was so angry the he sent tornadoes everywhere and all his brothers felt the death of their father in their soul and then they all came and ambushed the lands. There were earthquakes and volcanoes erupting from Ruaumoko (God of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Seasons)and even Rongo (the god of peace and of cultivated plants) was violent. Suddenly Tangaroa (the god of the sea) came. His anger made the ground shake even more than the earthquakes. Then out of nowhere a big wave came behind him, it was a tsunami. He lifted his hands and pushed it towards the villagers, they were happy about the water but then realised they were going to die. Then Māuii came. ‘What? Now Māui has come?! Okay this going to be bad!’ thought one of the poor and sick villagers. Māui let Tangaroa flood the village because he had a plan. The rushing water flooded the lands in a blink of an eye. The villagers tried to swim up but they were to deep under water. Māui smiled, he knew it was his job now. He got his hook and used it to fish up the island, it was hard but he managed. The island rose up and luckily no one died. Every single villager was shocked and soaking wet. “Wait, why did you save us? We just killed Ranginui!” said one of the villagers.
“You know gods don’t die right?”
“But I thought we all killed him?”
“ Nope!”
“But then why did you try to kill us?”
“ Because you tried to kill Family. Trying to kill you was just a punishment.”
“Oh” everyone said and they  regretted what they had done.  All the gods and some of the goddesses laughed, even Ranginui. All of the whare were all broken, all of the food was gone all the trees were destroyed and there were no animals to be seen. There was just mud and cold, silky water everywhere. Every villager looked around as they saw torture.
“Hey, you!” one of the men stared at the gods. “Look what you did to our home! it is destroyed!”
Now everyone stared at the gods.
“No it isn’t!” said Tāne-mahuta ( the God of forests and birds) and did a little laugh. All of a sudden the sun was out  as bright as ever, the whare were looking brand new, there were stacks of fish everywhere for the villagers to eat and the trees were so beautiful that it created a big forest with many of birds, lizards and moas.   Then, after a while, the villagers noticed that there were ponds lakes and oceans all around them. Nothing was wet anymore not even them thanks to Te Rā (the sun god).

After all that commotion everyone was happy that they got what they wanted and glad that there was water and the gods were glad that they were gods so the can’t die. And that was how the oceans came to be.

By Anchal

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Speeches / A Moment in Time

Speeches / A Moment in Time

‘Okay, just avoid eye contact’ I thought to myself. I hid my face thinking that I wouldn’t be next, but suddenly I heard a name. A name that i have heard many times before. ‘OMG! Did Mr Tomokino just pick me!?’. I don’t know who was controlling my body but I got up and grabbed my cue card so fast that the teacher was impressed and thought I was desperate to share my speech or something.Next thing I knew I was standing in front of the whole class looking at them with a blank stare. ‘Oh, why am I doing this?’ I thought very curiously. ‘Okay, you know what, I am going to finish of my speech, do the best I can and just get over it.’ I saw my friends stare at me supporting me and wish me good luck. ‘Well, let’s see what I can do.’

By Anchal